WIVH Sunday

12:00 AM: Celebration of Praise
1:00-6:00 AM: Music Thru The Night, Roger Basick
6:00 AM: Words To Live By
6:30 AM: Treasured Truth Weekend, James Ford
7:00-10:00 AM: Sunday Praise, John Hayden
10:00 AM: Moody Presents
10:30 AM: Living a Legacy
11:00 AM: Moody Church Hour, Erwin Lutzer
12:00-6:00 PM: Music For Sunday, Roy Patterson
6:00 PM: Let My People Think, Ravi Zacharias
6:30 PM: Focus on the Family Radio Theatre
7:00 PM: Lamplighter Theatre
7:30 PM: Truth For Life, Alistair Begg
8:00 PM: Turning Point Weekend, David Jeremiah
8:30 PM: Treasured Truth Weekend, James Ford
9:00-11:00 PM: Music
11:00 PM: Unshackled
11:30 PM: Music

WIVH Saturday

12:00-6:00 AM: Music Thru The Night, Roger Basick
6:00 AM: FamilyTalk Weekend, Dr. James Dobson
6:30 AM: Christian Working Woman, Mary Welchel
6:45 AM: A Different Perspective, Bernie Dymet
7:00 AM: Building Relationships, Dr. Gary Chapman
8:00 AM: Family Life This Week
8:30 AM: Parenting Today's Teens, Mark Gregston
9:00 AM: Ranger Bill
9:30 AM: Paws and Tales
10:00 AM: The Pond
10:30 AM: Adventures In Odyssey
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM: 20 The Countdown Magazine
1:00 PM: The Land and the Book, Dr. Charlie Dyer
2:00 PM: Best Of In The Market, Janet Parshall
3:00 PM: MoneyWise Weekend
3:30 PM: First Person, Wayne Shepherd
4:00-8:00 PM: Music For Saturday
8:00 PM: Music
9:00-12:00 PM: Celebration of Praise, Roy Patterson

WIVH Weekdays

12:00 -6:00 AM: Kurt Goff Live
6:00 - 9:00 AM: Music
7:45 AM: Seeing Beyond, Gail McWilliams
8:25 AM: BreakPoint
8:45 AM: Joni and Friends, Joni Eareckson Tada
8:54 AM: Answers In Genesis
9:00 AM:Insight For Living, Chuck Swindoll
9:30 AM: Focus On The Family, Jim Daly
10:00 AM: ConnectLive, Dan & Tim
11:00 AM: Music
11:16 AM: BreakPoint
12:00 PM: The Urban Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans
12:30 PM: Revive Our Hearts, Nancy Leigh DeMoss
1:00 PM: New Life Live, Steve Arterburn
1:05 PM: Answers In Genesis
2:00 PM: Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah
2:30 PM: Music
3:00 PM: Chris Fabry Live
4:00 PM: Music
4:25 PM: Seeing Beyond, Gail McWilliams
4:30 PM: Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson
5:00-7:00 PM: In The Market, Janet Parshall
6:44 PM: Answers In Genesis
7:00 PM: Focus On The Family, Jim Daly
7:30 PM: Adventures In Odyssey
8:00 PM: Music
8:22 PM: BreakPoint
9:00 PM: The Word In Song, Donna Leland


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