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We feel it deeply… it makes for easy small talk, and we can all relate in some way, though we’re all a bit tired of talking about it. The past 24 months have been challenging. No one has been untouched by a world-wide pandemic, natural disasters, growing political divides, financial strain, climbing cases of depression and anxiety, and numerous other challenges. Confusion and hopelessness are on the rise. We are each keenly aware of our need for truth, hope, joy, and endurance. That is why WIVH is more committed than ever to being Your Voice of Hope, to lifting your spirits and pointing you to Christ through each song, each program, each conversation. We’re here to GLORIFY His name!


WIVH shares good news, encouragement, and hope all day, every day, to help you face the challenges in your day. Maybe you face the challenges of your daily routine–parenting little ones, changing diapers, making dinner, folding laundry, working two jobs, shuttling kids, faithfully serving in your local church, and the like. Or maybe you’re facing some of life’s harder challenges like the death of a loved one, a long struggle with cancer or illness, parenting wayward children, depression, infertility, or abandonment. No matter what you’re facing, the truth and encouragement on WIVH can help bolster you and strengthen you each day. Programs from Chip Ingram, David Jeremiah, and Tony Evans remind you of important biblical truth. New Life LIVE equips you to deal with life’s hardest challenges. In the Market helps you process current events through a biblical perspective and worldview. And the uplifting music that we play speaks truth and encouragement.


YOU can make an impact, not just for your own benefit, but for thousands of others in our listening area. Those who partner with us make it possible to share this hope through music and message 24/7 in people’s homes, cars, and workplaces. Your donations keep these great programs on the air. Radio stations have music licensing fees, tower rentals, computers, satellite fees, and various other equipment required for broadcast, plus bills for the electricity they require. We have payroll expenses to support a small but talented and dedicated staff–the people who keep everything running smoothly day or night; who make technical repairs during storms in the middle of the night; spend their mornings and afternoons with you through Connect Live and The Lunch Break; who pray with you on the phone; and encourage you with great programming throughout the day.


Be part of sharing hope with us! Support WIVH during Share-A-Thon on March 18-19, and help us continue spreading the hope of the gospel. Share-A-Thon is the one time each year we interrupt our regular programs to raise the funds for the coming year of broadcasting. And while we won’t be able to hold Share-A-Thon on-island this year with our usual open house because of the challenges surrounding travel and COVID-19, we are prayerfully planning on this being our final remote Share-A-Thon and look forward to resuming open house Share-A-Thon next year! Visit to learn more and give! Every gift makes a difference, and collectively each $5, $50, or $500 gift works together to get us towards our goal of $38,000. Together, let’s GLORIFY God by sharing the good news that Jesus Christ is our hope no matter the circumstance.


Whether you plan to give before Share-A-Thon begins to help us start strong, or during our on-air Share-A-Thon March 18-19, we want to thank you so much for your support!


We recently received this encouraging note with a donation:

“God has continued to be faithful to us. Enclosed is my gift for the furtherance of His work here on earth. Thank you for allowing me to partner with you in the service of the Lord.” – MB, Frederiksted

Thank you so much for viewing this ministry as we do–a partnership! Praise God! It is a joy to work together sharing the hope of the gospel!


Listen to our 2022 theme song:




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