New Music Report from Dan Close

We’re into a fresh new year and with that comes some great new music. Here’s what to listen for as you tune in to The Voice of Hope.

We just came though the Christmas season celebrating the Light of the world – Jesus. David Leonard’s latest single “Keep the Light On” reminds us of our constant need of God’s light shining in our lives. When things seem dark and our struggles are great, God will direct us like a lighthouse in a storm.

Leanna Crawford is starting the year strong with her new song – “I Know a Place.” It’s about the hope we have in heaven, and how everything we look forward to can be known today, by putting our trust in Jesus. Be encouraged as you sing along and know that you don’t have to wait…Heaven can
be here today.

“Don’t Stop Praying” is the newest single from Matthew West and as the title suggests, it is about never giving up on the prayers we offer up to God. No matter how big the requests may seem to us, our God is WAY bigger and is faithful to answer our prayers according to His will.

Brandon Heath begins his 24th year of making music with a catchy new tune called “He Does.” Brandon goes through the verses rhetorically asking “Wouldn’t it be great if…” to answer all of the questions with a confident “He does.”

Keep listening to WIVH in 2024 for these songs plus other new music from MercyMe, Sanctus Real, Jeremy Camp, Katy Nichole, and MORE!

Dan Close
Host, The Lunch Break, Connect Live