Pastor Appreciation Month: WE LOVE OUR PASTORS!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! There is no greater gift you can give your pastor and the spiritual leaders of your church than to pray for them. Our friends at Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth, airs weekdays at 3:10 pm and Sundays at 6 pm) have a great 30-day prayer guide to help you pray for your pastors and their families.


Their article provides Scripture verses and a coinciding prayer prompt for each day to guide your time of prayer. Consider letting your pastor know how you’re praying for them and asking them for any additional requests! We are blessed with many great pastors and churches here on the islands! Nonetheless, the article reminds us that “pastors are human—they face the same challenges that their people do, with some additional ones! They grow tired in ministry, are tempted to sin, and may find it difficult to balance their many roles and responsibilities. They need the encouragement and support of those they lead.”

We encourage you to pray for your pastors this month, write them a note to let them know that you’re praying and why you appreciate them, and maybe even tuck in a gift card to a local restaurant to bless them and their family!

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