The future of news on WIVH

We recently let you know that Moody Broadcasting Network ended their contract with SRN News. As a Moody affiliate, we needed to make decisions about how we would handle this change. We wanted to hear from YOU in order to make an informed decision that reflected the priorities of as many listeners as possible. We created a survey to find out your preferences on viewpoint, frequency, and content, or even if we should discontinue the news. Thank you to each person who spent a few minutes filling out our survey over the last two months!

Your responses showed that a significant majority (85.7%) of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the news on WIVH up to this point. With a few outliers, most people were satisfied with the frequency and viewpoint of the news on WIVH, making it difficult to justify any major change in our news programming and format. While some Christian stations prioritize music to the exclusion of any kind of news, a large number of our listeners consider WIVH their primary source of news (71.4%) and would be disappointed if it were no longer part of our programming. A repeating theme in the survey showed that news from a biblical worldview and news relevant to Christians was also an important (>71%), as well as news that may not be covered on other media platforms. SRN provides stories pertaining to churches and denominations, worldwide missions, religious freedom, Christian nonprofits, and research (such as that from Lifeway and Barna).

In light of the survey responses, we will continue to carry SRN News, making some tweaks and adjustments for flow of timing, programming, and content. We are Your Voice of Hope, so we will continue placing a priority on sharing the hope of the gospel through encouraging music and teaching. We will continue providing the best coverage we can of the world’s news while also remembering that our God is sovereign over all and we can trust him with the present and future, no matter the headlines!

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