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August 1, 2021

Music is powerful! Not only can the lyrics of a good song get right to the heart of a matter, the instrumentation can evoke a strong emotional response. The combination of the two can have either a positive or negative effect on the listener. It’s one of the reasons we play a lot of music here on WIVH. We know that the spoken word can have powerful impact too, and the Word put to music can really drive the point home!

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A recent study in the UK of more than 7,000 surgery patients showed that those who were played music after their procedure reported feeling less pain and anxiety than those who did not listen to music. The study added that the effect was even stronger for patients who got to choose the music they listened to. In fact, the study leader, Dr. Catherine Mead, said that “if music was a drug it would be marketable.”


Thanks to your support, WIVH is able to offer not just music, but music with a purpose and message that can change hearts and lives for eternity! When we understand the potential impact music can have, why wouldn’t we want to share it with those around us? Will you tell someone about WIVH today?


There are many different ways you can share the station. One of the simplest is on social media. See something you like that WIVH has posted? Comment on it! Better yet, share it so others can see it! Call us or send us a message to ask for a WIVH window sticker–we’ll send it right out to you. It’s a little billboard for your car!


Sharing hope,


Tim Madeira
General Manager