From Us To You

December 1, 2022

“For unto us…” Three simple words. Put them in the context of the prophecy from Isaiah 9, and those three simple words turn into a powerful, world-changing prophecy! Last month, we ran a program from Moody Radio called “Unfolding Prophecy.” If you missed the program, you can still hear it and view bonus content here.


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While most of the time we think of prophecy as something that will happen in the future, during this time of the year we realize that many prophecies have already been fulfilled. Isaiah 9 is one of the passages that boasts of both fulfilled prophecy and prophecy yet to come to pass. For unto us a child HAS been born! As we celebrate the birth of this child in the month of December, it should stand as a reminder to us of God’s faithfulness of prophecy fulfilled. It should also remind us that the rest of the prophecy is still in process, but God will accomplish what he has set out to do.


My question to you is: Are you accomplishing what God has called you to? You see, Jesus was not just born to Mary and Joseph, He was indeed born “to us”–to the broken and lost world that needed hope, that needed salvation! Our job is to bring that message to our broken and dying world.


Sharing this good news is what we do everyday here on WRGN. If you have stood with us over the past year, thank you! If not, would you consider a year-end gift  to WIVH to help us in 2023? As a non-commercial, listener supported station, this ministry depends on you.


Most of all, I pray that you have a blessed and joyful Christmas season, and that you share with those around you that God came to earth in the form of Jesus–”for us!”


Merry Christmas!

Tim Madeira
General Manager