From Us To You

December 1, 2023

Recently, I was giving a tour of the studios to a young couple. As we wrapped up, I was asked a two-part question: what is your greatest joy in radio ministry, and what is your greatest challenge? What great questions! It only took me a second to come up with my greatest joy: connecting with our listeners. Feedback, comments, and encouragement from listeners reminds me that what we say on the air matters more than we know!


We recently heard from Marcella, who said she enjoys listening to WIVH day and night. She shared with us that “the praise songs encourage me and lift my spirit up. One of my favorite songs is “Promises” by Maverick City Music. I recently lost my mum… and during the times that I feel down I play this song and it’s been a blessing to me. God certainly has been faithful to my siblings and I.” We are so thankful to be a source of comfort, peace, and encouragement in both good times and difficult times.


Our greatest challenge here usually has to do with the behind the scenes paperwork involved in operating radio stations. One of the people on the tour thought it might be the challenges that usually come around Share-A-Thon time. (Just a few years ago we got stuck in Miami on our way to Share-A-Thon, then were rerouted to St. Thomas instead of St. Croix!) To me those aren’t necessarily challenges, they’re just opportunities for us to see how God is going to work THIS time!


As we wrap up this year, maybe you can ask yourself those two questions, as well. Find joy in what you do, knowing that it matters, and realize that the challenges are just an opportunity for God to work!


Merry Christmas!

Tim Madeira
General Manager