From Us To You

February 1, 2022

“I can’t do it all!” Okay, so maybe you look at that statement and say, “Of course you can’t!” My problem is, I look at that statement and say “…but I can try!” My wife will often give me a hard time about all the things that I try to squeeze into one day. Part of my problem is that I like being busy, and the other part of the problem is that sometimes I don’t know when to quit!


Our country has the tendency to glorify hard work and the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality. The Bible does talk about the importance of work (2 Thessalonians 3:10) and how we should be doing it (Colossians 3:23), but there are some caveats. One of the biggest is that we are not to do it from a heart of pride or to boast. In fact 2 Corinthians 12:10 encourages us to “boast in our weakness!”


I have mentioned that I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, and that hasn’t changed. However, for the past several years I have chosen one word as my reminder, or goal, for the year. This year’s word is “strength.” Not my strength, but His strength made perfect in my weakness! Is it hard for you to admit where you’re weak? Is it harder still to turn that area over to the Lord?


I will be getting in over my head this year with technical changes that will be happening here at WIVH, so I will have lots of opportunities to see His strength made perfect in my weakness! What’s your challenge this year? Are you willing to turn it over to the Lord? Are you willing to ask for help?


Seeking His strength,

Tim Madeira
General Manager