From Us To You

November 1, 2021

Because we tend to listen to radio when we are by ourselves, it’s easy to forget that radio has the power to reach thousands of people every day. Think about it, while you may be driving alone in your car and listening to WIVH, the person passing you in the other direction could be listening to exactly the same program at the same time! The gospel message, the song that is encouraging you, the story that is bringing tears to your eyes–it may be doing the same to someone else at exactly the same time!


We are so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to share the music and messages with you everyday. The consistency of the gospel message over the years here at WIVH has an impact, time and time again.


Even though you may not think about it, you too can have an impact on those around you. How many people do you see in a day? One, five, ten? Do those who see you see the consistency of the gospel message? Are you pointing people to God in your love for them and service to them?

The opportunities are there… let’s make sure we take advantage of them!


Glorifying God,


Tim Madeira
General Manager