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September 1, 2022

Going back to school can be an exciting (or terrifying) time, depending on your perspective! I realized as I watched the preparations around me, that for the first time in 25 years, I wasn’t really part of it! Well, in a way I am–I watched my oldest grandson start his first day of kindergarten this year! What struck me the most was the difference in my perspective. It reminded me of a song we play here on WIVH by Rhett Walker called “All Joy, No Stress.” This year, I had the joy, and my daughter had the stress!


Actually, there are a couple of lines in that song that remind us that we should be thanking God both for the good days and the bad days. While we can read this in the Scriptures, hear it in a song, and we know it in our minds, when we’re in the middle of the bad days, it’s hard to remember to thank Him. The irony of it is, when we’re in the middle of the good days, sometimes it’s just as hard to remember to thank Him!


1 Thessalonians 5:18 reminds us to “give thanks in all circumstances” and I believe we need to hear that reminder often. Life can very quickly take a turn for the worse, and if the idea of thanking God in every circumstance is far from our minds in the good times, it will be nearly impossible for us to thank him in the bad times.


One of the benefits of listening to Christian radio is the idea of filling our minds with words and songs of thankfulness and encouragement. As the kids go back to school, I would encourage you to turn on WIVH in the car. Listen to WIVH’s morning music as you get the kids ready and out the door. Listen to uplifting afternoon music as you wait for them in the pickup line. When they get in the car and chatter about their day, they’ll be hearing songs that will reinforce the message our kids need to hear! You’ll be laying a foundation of thankfulness!

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Tim Madeira
General Manager