From Us To You

February 1, 2023

I love the way Paul opens and closes his letters to the churches in the New Testament. In the beginning of many of his letters, he addresses them as beloved, as saints, as those who are sanctified (made holy), as faithful brothers. It is with these greetings in mind that I write to each of you in this month’s letter.


At a recent staff meeting, I shared a recent encounter with one of our listeners who expressed how much WRGN has impacted his life over the years that he has been listening. He was nearly in tears as he shared with me how Christian radio has helped him through many hard times in his life. We regularly hear similar stories, and I am always grateful when you share them. It reminds us that what we do here matters!


And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9


When we can resource and equip you with materials and programs, when we can encourage you with music, when we can provide Godly counsel over the airwaves, these are the things that positively impact not just individuals, but our families and our community. Not only that, as I see the next generation of listeners and even the generation beyond, I am reminded how big an impact Christian radio can have.


You, brothers and sisters, are the ones that make this happen. Your love for the ministry here, your prayers for the staff who work faithfully here, and your giving really do make a difference. Thank you so much! If it’s been a while since you have participated in the ministry, maybe it’s time for you to join us once again! We are always thankful for you! Speaking of which, thankfulness is the hallmark of the end of many of Paul’s letters too, as is my final salutation…


Grace to you,

Tim Madeira
General Manager