From Us To You

May 27, 2021

I’ve spent a lot of time on my knees lately. I don’t say that to sound super spiritual… actually, the time on my knees had nothing to do with prayer! That’s not to say I haven’t spent time in prayer–in fact, prayer for wisdom has occupied much of my prayer time this month. So why have I been on my knees so much? Weeds. Home repairs. Station repairs. Jobs that require us to get down close to the ground and in uncomfortable positions to get the job done! We all have them, and often try to avoid them as long as possible.


All this time on my knees got me thinking about why I DON’T spend time on my knees in prayer. Again, that’s not to say I’m not praying… I’m just not doing it on my knees! Being on our knees can be uncomfortable, and as such, we may find ourselves shortening our prayer time. That was not the case with Daniel in the Old Testament, who knelt three times a day in front of his window to pray to God.


Actually, with all the mentions of prayer in Scripture, very few mention it being done on bended knee. We are, however, encouraged in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray without ceasing.” Continual. Persistent. Constant. At all times. Without any unnecessary time gap! Three times a day is a great place to start…but it’s pretty clear from Scripture that it should be more like a life of prayer.


If you run out of things to pray for, would you add the ministry of WIVH to your prayer list? These mid-year months are especially busy for the staff, and we would appreciate your prayers for strength and wisdom for how to reach more people with the gospel using the technology God has entrusted to us! We are praying for you, too! Lunchtime often finds us praying by name for specific prayer requests that come in to the studios. If you have one to share, call us at 800-245-3688. We are praying for you!


Seeking the Lord together,

Tim Madeira
General Manager